Liver Disease and cure

Liver Disease and cure

Liver disease!

What Is Called Liver Disease?

Liver disease or liver disease refers to a disease that affects the functioning of the liver. Liver diseases are mainly of many types, some of which are as follows- 1 Jaundice- This is the most common liver disease, in which the color of the eyes becomes yellow. Generally, the problem of jaundice is more in newborn babies. If it is not treated at the right time, it can even lead to the death of children.

2 Liver cancer- When cancerous tissue builds up in the liver, it is known as liver cancer. This disease is characterized by abnormal growth of liver cells. Various types of cancer can occur in the liver, the most common type of which is hepatocellular carcinoma, which begins in the main type of liver cell (hepatocolate).
Hepatitis – This is another type of liver disease, which is caused by the hepatitis virus. If this problem is not treated in time, it can take a fatal form.

3 Liver damage- Liver disease is the most common type of liver disease, it occurs in a condition when the liver is not able to function properly. The chances of liver damage are more in those people, then they consume alcohol in excess.

4 Swelling in the liver- It has often been seen that some people have swelling in the liver. This problem is mainly caused by eating rust food, eating oily food etc. The stomach of the person suffering from this problem is not clean and he has to take the help of medicines.

5 Liver cirrhosis- When the cells in a person's liver are depleted and fiber cells are produced along with them, the liver starts shrinking and becomes rigid by losing its flexibility. So that condition is known as liver cirrhosis. In modern medicine, the solution to this problem is possible only through liver transplant or liver transplant. (But this disease can be completely eliminated by the use of cure herbal products, medicine,,,,,,,)

6 Fatty Liver - Fatty Liver refers to such a disease, when there is fat or fat on the liver. Fat tissue accumulates. Diseases like fatty liver are likely to occur in the liver due to excessive eating, drinking alcohol and eating food containing inappropriate amount of fat.

7 Liver failure: When the disease related to liver has been there for a long time and it is not cured, then it stops working which is called liver failure.